November Great for Redfish

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November Great for Redfish


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      November 1, 2023 at 5:57 pm

      Just as most Anglers might think that fishing is getting slow and summer is over, November can be great for Redfish. Many of the backcountry Oyster bars will hold a hatch of smaller fish. Many of the juveniles Redfish commonly known as “rats” have a big appetite. Often very cooperative Reds will slam a TBS Jig and bait combo with usually high number catches. Fun for kids, and anglers looking for fast action.

      The reds do not take long to hit if they are there. Fish an outgoing tide and be “intune” with your bait. No slack lines. Know what is happening and feel the jig on the bottom, when the “thump” hits, drop your tip allowing the fish to eat the bait and come tight, normally feeling the weight of the fish and set the hook hard. Shrimp, mud minnows, mullet and crab are all great baits.

      Shrimp and crab are good choices because it allows you to pick up a black drum which normally do not take fish baits. The smaller black drum, 2-8 lbs, will be holding in many of the same areas. Black drum in the legal size make excellent table fare. Anglers will still be able to pick up a flounder as well, however, that bite will start to taper down as we get closer to the winter months.

      Trout will continue to be good with many fish heading to deeper holes and bends of creeks with many of the fish being undersize. Numbers can be high if you get into a school of them. Often a TBS jig rigged with a soft plastic in a brighter color has proved in the past to be a great choice of lure. Use an adequate amount of weight in your jig selection to reach and feel the bottom without overdoing it. Generally the lightest amount of weight you can get away with is usually the best. A jig and shrimp / mud minnow will be another good choice for the bait / float anglers.

      As far as the fun fish, bluefish will be holding on many points in sounds, Inter coastal Waterway, jetties and the river. They are not picky, mullet imitations, spoons, and jigs all work well. Use something you know how to use and you will have an excellent chance of success. Bluefish will hit just about every bait you can think of being very optimistic feeders. Until next time get out and enjoy what mother nature is allowing us to do at this time, there is usually something that is happening best!!!

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