May Should be Great for Trout

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May Should be Great for Trout


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      April 20, 2024 at 5:36 pm

      Well Anglers, after a lot of wind and chill, I think May is going to be a great month for trout! Last year, May proved to be true with many species..

      Remember, your first cast usually the best shot you have when lure fishing. Every cast after is alerting the fish. Big ones are a different animal than your typical 15/16 inch trout. Make that 1st cast count!! As all the mullet and bait are back and entering our waters the fish will be on them. This time of the year when water temps are 65 and up is a great time for lures. Topwater action is exciting and productive! Many of your biggest Trout fall victim to topwater plugs. “Walk the dog” is the type of retrieve used with this type of plug. It will take some practice to perfect, however the rewards are explosive action with a great visual. For the float or jig and shrimp combo fisherman, these methods are very productive as well.

      I like to fish grass lines, points, and structure, that has some current, bait, and if you can find that next to deeper, you have a potentially hot spot. The river, Intercoastal waterway, or backcountry can all be productive. Remember to set your reel drags at 25% of you lines breaking strength. So, 10lb test would equal 2 1/2 lbs of drag and this helps to prevent break offs! Trout have a soft mouth. Another tip is use fluorocarbon leaders in the 30 inch range and any type of loop knots on your lures or jigs. It allows the lures to act “freely” and the way the manufacture recommends. 15-20 lb test leaders are very adequate.

      When you hook a big trout, despite what you might have learned in the past, keep you ROD TIP DOWN!! This keeps your fish in the water and the water slows the head shake down. When your tip is up, it allows the fish to shake his head out of the water and he can generate more speed and often times will shake the hook. The only time your rod tip is up is when you need to clear your line over an oyster bar or some type of structure while fighting the fish. It is not all about Trout either. There will be some Redfish in these type areas as well.

      Redfish will take a topwater plug or most lures for that matter. If you are fishing the backcountry, most schools are broken up and you will see singles and doubles and small groups. Get out early and look for backing fish in the shallows. The water at this time will not be as clear as it has been with all the bait and activity sturing it up. There will be some fish lurking the shallows and around oyster bars and grass lines. Weedless plastics, or jig / bait combos will be a good choice. Dead sticking a shrimp, mullet, crab, or mud minnow will all be good choices.

      There will be many other species around. Cobia, Ladyfish, Jacks, flounder, Spanish mackeral and some bluefish will be in the mix. Weather permitting, cobia will be following the rays along the beach in 20-50 ft depths. Light West winds are best. I like a TBS Cobia jig paired with a 40lb test fluorocarbon leader on a heavy spinner. You can often see the fish and cast the jig in the fishes path being carfull not to hook the ray, and it is usally game on! Cobia are great table fare. Be careful, Cobia are very powerful and you need to be agressive when handling them. lets get out and enjoy the expierience of North Florida fishing. Tight lines!

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