Good Time to Sight Fish


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Good Time to Sight Fish


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      January 3, 2023 at 10:10 pm

      If you like to sight fish and pole your skiff, this is a good time to do it. The water is generally clean and clear this time of year. Look for mid afternoon low tides with high sun, low wind. These conditions can give you a good angling experience the last few hours of outgoing tide. Plan to fish flats that are in the Lee, and sun is at your back and in the fishes eyes. Fish can see and feel you on the flat. Remember, the reason for poling is to be stealthy, redfishing on the flats is a hunt.

      For bait, always a great pick is a shrimp or mud minnow paired with an 1/8-1/4 oz TBS Jig head cast a-few feet in front of the schools path. It’s up to the angler to stay in tune with the bait so you can feel the bite. If you plan to blind fish reds around oyster bars and structures, the same jig combination cast around rips can produce. When currents come around an oyster bar, it often has a Lee, which is the area of water circulating behind the bar. This is where many redfish would school. It is just out of the current where they don’t waste energy stemming the tide and current with baits being brought by.

      Use the lightest jig you can effectively fish your spot. Meaning, less terminal tackle. No swivels to attach a 30 inch, 20lb fluorocarbon leader. Use a Uni to Uni or a double surgeons knot. I can’t emphasize enough to stay in tune with your bait so you can feel the bite! These methods and techniques have allowed me and TBS Charters to land our 20,000 redfish over my guiding career!

      Thank you Anglers for all the support. Tight lines.

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