Fishing the “Transitional” Month


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Fishing the “Transitional” Month


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      February 24, 2023 at 1:38 am

      Wayne Holmes & Tony Bozzella Sr., with a stud of a Backcountry Redfish!

      In March, the water starts to heat up on a regular basis. I often refer to March as the “transitional” month. Depending on exact temperatures or a freak cold snap, the water starts to heat and brings the migratory bait back. This is the opposite of what we see in the October mullet run when all the bait migrates south.

      As the bait returns and enters the St. John’s river and tributaries, redfish, trout, and bluefish will be there to get their share. In the past, temperature dependent, I have seen Jack Crevalle show up at the end of March. Ladyfish and Spanish Mackerel will be very close behind them, as well!

      This is a great time to incorporate throwing lures on your trip. Troll a 00 Clark spoon around the jetty for plenty of action, if casting is not your method. Work the tides to your favor. North in the St. Johns river will hold alot of these species around this time. Tide rips around points and structure will be the ticket. Often, as the water hovers the 65 degree mark and above, I have had some nice success on topwater and diving plugs for all the species!

      As you catch your redfish and trout, don’t forget you will have alot of bluefish strikes as well to keep the action going. I have had days where you can catch them on every cast. Great time to break out the fly rod and have some fun. Use a fluorocarbon leader and a gummy minnow and you will catch a blue! Put a bite tippet on, very toothy! You can use wire on an Albright knot, but, you will get less hook ups.

      It can be a windy month, so plan your trips accordingly. Try to put yourself in the lee or use downwind casts. Give yourself the advantage because it is so important to be “in tune” with your bait or lures. Know what that bait is doing at all times.

      The backcountry waters will still be clear and redfish will be lurking the mud flats. It will most likely be the last month for sight fishing cruising redfish as the water will begin to get muddy and murky, however, blind casting and soaking jig mud minnows / shrimp combo’s in the shallow around oyster bars can still pay big dividends! It provides a good chance at a sheephead, black drum, or flounder, as well.

      It’s a great time to plan a 3/4 fishing with action through out the day. A lot going on this month, get out and enjoy some action on the waters of North Florida!

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