Wind, Rain or the Cold?


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Wind, Rain or the Cold?


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      February 3, 2023 at 11:19 pm

      The Red Bite is on Fire. 96% of the reds were caught due to skill and guidance, the other 4% is because of Old Town Bait and Tackle shirt 😂

      Wind, Rain or the Cold? Odds are one (or all) of these were a variable the last time you wanted to get out fishing. This year has been challenging at times, no doubt, but there are things we could do to keep those lines tight.

      The water temps have been hovering in the low 60s lately making some fish sluggish. But regardless of the cool temps, fish must still eat. Redfish could be found is thinner waters in the creeks and on the mud flats which absorb all of those warm sun rays. Lansford and Alligator Creek are a good place to start. Work your way in with the tide hitting docks, structure and oyster beds. Mud flats and oyster bars at the mouths of feeder creeks is where they will hang out before the tides allow them to move further into the creeks to shallow water. If your boat is capable to get into that skinny water, slowly and quietly move in and keep your eyes peeled for activity. Look for the “V” a redfish makes in the water as they feed. A live shrimp on either a 1/8oz jig head or a wide bend hook with a light split shot 6inches above it will both work great. Figure out the direction the fish are moving and cast 5ft in front of them and let the bait do the work. Their senses will take them to their meal, any closer and you may spook them. 

      Much like the weather, trout have been hot and cold. You may go all day without a bite and with warning, go 20 for 20 after getting into a school. I prefer locating the fish with live bait and switching it up to artificial after I get into them. I always have a Grinchmas colored Contender on a setup ready to go. The action on a descending Contender tail is to trout. You are looking for a reactionary bite from these fish. Twitch, twitch, pause with a Vudu Shrimp or 17M Mirrolure are highly effective when targeting trout.

      With the Sheepshead bite fired up and El Cheapo right around the bend, fiddler crabs are in higher demand than gold. I get 50 calls a day at the shop asking for fids. Until we get consistent warmer weather, fiddlers will remain scarce, not only local, but statewide. That’s the bad news, but the good news is that convicts eat more than fids. They love sand fleas, clams, oysters and black mussels.

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